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In 1993, a gospel music workshop was held for many Japanese people who were influenced by the movie "Sister Act 2" and the musical "Mama I Want To Sing" and had a desire to "sing gospel". The door was opened, and Ronnie Rucker, as a pioneer in the gospel world, held the first gospel music workshop for Japanese people in Japan. To date, many people have come into contact with gospel through Rucker Gospel Ministries workshops throughout Japan. Today, the name Gospel Workshop has been disseminated and permeated by a number of people. From there, people who have faith, connect to the church, and evangelize continue to be awakened. Through local gospel choir instruction, gospel workshops, performer seminars, choir director seminars, vocal and piano instruction, Rucker Gospel Ministries fosters people who inherit gospel, and in churches, schools, weddings and other regions. Appeared in the concert. Rucker Gospel also publishes gospel sheet music, and textbooks for piano players who wrote and composed the lyrics. In addition, RGM is expanding the field of activities such as producing solo singers and choir CDs. He is the director of the Japan branch of America's largest gospel seminar "Gospel Music Workshop of America" (GMWA).

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