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Vocal Fitness Center

Vocal Fitness Center

Vocal Training

It goes without saying that "gospel music" in the American black church is the foundation of popular music in the world. Artists who have experienced gospel are playing an active part in the music scene one after another in Japan.

Would you like to experience vocal training by an American professional gospel singer? If you are not satisfied with your vocal school, we will teach you an effective voice training method!

Sing higher and easier!

Is there enough treble? Does your throat hurt immediately? I will teach vocalists who are hard to produce high notes how to make "head voice". Let's expand the range little by little and make it easier to produce high notes.

Improve English pronunciation!

You will acquire correct pronunciation and vocalization by native speakers. We will teach people who are not confident in English pronunciation and Japanese who are difficult to pronounce in an easy-to-understand manner.

Increase vocal power!

We will carry out training to increase vital capacity. Breath training and abdominal breathing exercises will help you sing longer without getting tired.

Speech Level Singing

You will learn how to make important voices and learn how to balance the strength of your voice at the same time.

Basic Gospel Piano

Basic gospel piano

Traditional Gospel Piano


The first practical gospel textbook in Japan. This basic gospel piano is packed with the essence of African-American gospel music that Ronnie Rucker has been accustomed to for 50 years. Basic Gospel Piano is a book written in Japanese for Japanese people.


From Classical Piano to Gospel


It's perfect for piano players who have studied classical music but don't know how to play chords or play chords. You can also learn various cadences and chord patterns that are the "pillars" of gospel music.


Learn Chords!


As a basic practice of chord progression, we will practice fingers and ear training. A fixed chord pattern naturally appears in the accompaniment of black gospel. The chord progressions are similar for all songs.


Popular, Jazz, & R & B Training!


It will be easier to play if you physically learn the patterns that are roughly defined not only in black gospel but also in other music genres (jazz and rock, R & B and popular music). In any music genre, the pattern ii-VI (two-five-one) always appears in songs. Gospel is called I-IV-I (one-four-one), I-IV-V (one-four-five), and V-vi-ii-VI (five-six-two-five-one). The pattern comes out well. It is difficult to follow the chord progression by ear unless you let your fingers remember this pattern.

Therefore, finger training and ear training are required. Even if there is a score for a gospel song, in most cases the musician plays differently between the score and the CD.


A New Future!


Throughout this lesson, you will gradually learn the gospel chord patterns and teach you how to accompany gospel more easily.

Classroom fee (vocal / piano)
Admission fee ¥ 10,000

Lesson fee ¥ 5,000
Lesson time 60 minutes Free trial lesson

The lesson date and time will be
decided in consultation with the teacher.

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