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Bright Lights Choir

Formed in 1995, the praise offered by Bright Lights Choir, as the name implies, conveys the love and light of Jesus Christ through gospel as the "light of the world." In the long history of 25 years, many leaders and choirs have been set up by Bright Lights, and Japanese gospel is spreading further. In 2000, the first CD "Spirit of Gospel --Yaku ni tachitai" was released. Toured the United States in the summer of 2002. 2006 Released the second album "Arise & Shine!". Released the third " Send Me, I'll Go " in 2015. Inquiries about BLC.

La Praise

It was formed in 1998 after a gospel workshop at the Tokyo Covenant Church. Through gospel, I feel Jesus Christ closer and I am working with the desire to convey that love to people. While learning the essence of the Bible, the world contained in the lyrics, that is, the song that is sung by understanding the message from God with a heart, is not just a song, but a prayer. Released the CD " Lift Him Up! " In 2009. At La Plays, members with unique backgrounds and personalities continue to sing various styles of gospel with one heart. "One heart + one love = La Praise." Please feel free to contact us .

Men Of Praise

Men's Gospel Choir formed for Japan Gospel Choir Fellowship (JGCF) 7 held in September 2010. Rehearsals at Chofu Minami Christian Church on the 4th Sunday from 17:00 to 19:00. Since then, he has gained a lot of appearance experience such as Iwaki Gospel Festival, JGCF re-appearance, and solo performance, and became a pioneer of men's choir. 2016 Men's Choir Festival is planned and held, where men's choirs from all over the country gather. This was the annual concert in Osaka, Nagoya and Niigata. We support each other and are a fellowship of men. "Like iron is sharpened by iron, passionate discussions with friends sharpen each other. Proverbs 27:17" People from different professions, ages, etc. gather to become one voice and become a god. I'm praising you.
Contact us here . We are waiting to hear from you!

Sound Of Grace

This is the Sound of Grace held in 2009. We practice happily at Chofu Minami Christian Church about twice a month under the guidance of Mr. Ronnie Rucker! Whether you are new to gospel or experienced, you are sure to have a good time together with us! Members with children are also welcome. We enjoy praising churches, facilities for the elderly and local events. Inquiries to Sound of Grace for tours, experiences, questions, etc.

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