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John Rucker

Growing up in music from an early age, he is currently performing in concerts with his father, Ronnie Rucker. He is also performing live with his sister Nancy. At live concerts, he mainly plays the piano and cajon. Established "Hikari Kids Gospel" by himself and taught participatory gospel with parents and children. Played as a pianist in "Joyful Noise Kids Choir". He also teaches gospel / English conversation at many nursery schools and kindergartens. In addition, he participated in the Inter-High School Championships and Winter Cup in basketball when he was a student, and after studying abroad in basketball in the United States, he is currently the head coach of the "Loukes Basketball Academy" girl's team. He is also active as a model and has appeared in many fashion magazines and advertisements. Keep an eye on his success in many fields. He is marries to Yuma Rucker and their son Toyo was born in March 2020.

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