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Nancy Rucker

Appeared in "Hirake Ponkikki!" With her father in his childhood. After that, she co-starred with Eiji Wentz on TV Tokyo's "Chibikko Uta Mimicry Award". Asahi Broadcasting "Genius Kids", at the age of 11, her own work won a special prize at "World Children's Music Festival '99 Akita". While traveling to various places to perform concerts and live performances with her father, she worked as a backing chorus for artists such as Yuna Ito, Mika Nakashima, and Miliya Kato, and expanded the field of activities such as providing lyrics to Tiara's single CD in April 2010. ing. Her lyrics and melodies contain many memorable messages. In 2011, she started teaching gospel in nursery schools and kindergartens. In 2013, she formed a unit with her younger brother and is performing live activities. Lives in Hawaii in 2012. In 2018, she changed his job to a flight attendant in order to continue his activities in Japan, and continues to play music while going back and forth between Hawaii and Japan. 2020 YouTube "Nanchannel " opened.

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